About AH Wines,Inc.

Quality / Heritage / Value
AH Wines (AHW) is a Lodi, California based, vertically integrated wine company, with operations that include: vineyards, wine production, wholesale distribution, importing, exporting, private label production, brand management and direct to consumer (e-commerce) sales. The company’s base, Lodi, is the commercial center of California’s wine industry and an instrumental component to the AHW’s competitive advantage.

AHW is a sales driven company, whose executive team collectively has more than 100 years of wine industry experience. The team draws on experience that has yielded an estimated 20 million cases of distribution in more than 50 countries worldwide and in every market in the United States.

In addition to the company’s sales focus, AHW  offers a  state of the art wine production facility with a production capacity of more than 6 million bottles per year.  Our facility strengthens our ability to produce wines from most major wine producing regions in California as well as bolster our flexibility as a producer of private/custom labels.

AHW was established in 2008, but its founder’s family has just added the seventh generation to their California heritage. Their family has been dedicated to California agricultural since the 1860s. AHW was not created as a lifestyle business, but rather as a personification of our focus, dedication, commitment, and passion for our California roots.

Our company motto – “Quality – Heritage – Value” are the words that we live by. We will give our customer the best Quality wine possible. It is Heritage that maintains our commitment to California and our reputation in the wine business. And it is our belief that Value is one of the most important attributes we maintain because Value can be delivered at every price level. The ultimate – long term – commitment is to ensure quality and profitability to all our partners.

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